Arctic Circle

2:00pm – 4:00am     $ 250.-

Experience the arctic circle and amazing northern lights.

Your Arctic Circle / Aurora Borealis day begins right at your Fairbanks accommodation, so you don’t need to plan how to get to us and you will save additional taxi costs.
Free guest pickup from 1:15pm to 2pm.


A day full of information and knowledge about Alaska.

We’ll take you from Fairbanks to the Arctic Circle on the famous James Dalton Highway, featured in the TV series “Ice Road Truckers”.

Please be aware that we cover a total of 400 miles in this 14-hour van expedition.

Alaska Aurora Tour


Fairbanks Alaska Visitor Center

Have your picture taken on the Arctic Circle and receive a “Cross the Circle-Certificate”.

En-route, enjoy stunning views of interior Alaska, the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline and the mighty Yukon River.

You may see moose, lynx, and fox in their natural habitat.


  • 2:00pm Departure from Fairbanks (December & January departure at 1:00pm)
  • Trans-Alaska-Pipeline
    Get a close up view of the famous pipeline and learn interesting facts about the engineering and building period.
  • Cross the mighty Yukon River
  • Arctic Circle
    Have your picture taken at Arctic Circle and receive your Arctic Circle Certificate.
  • Yukon River
    Walk right to the edge of Alaska’s most famous river.
  • 4:00am arrival at your location in Fairbanks


On the return journey to Fairbanks we pass many high elevations, perfect for possible northern lights viewing.

We provide two sandwiches, chips, sweets, two bottles of water and hot drinks.

Please feel free to bring extra food.